MITAS Medical Inc. is selected as a recipient of "D-EGGS PROJECT" offered by Hiroshima Sandbox

MITAS Medical Inc. is selected as a recipient of

MITAS Medical Inc. (located in Minato-Ku, Tokyo. CEO: Naofumi Kita) has been selected as a recipient of “D-EGGS PROJECT” offered by Hiroshima Sandbox. The project offers the recipient to implement a project within the whole Hiroshima prefecture.

The theme of the project is “Tele-consultation service by mobile phone mounted ophthalmologic device”. Using the experience we have in developing countries, we aim to provide ophthalmologic services to those who live in rural islands or in deep mountains by connecting local clinics with ophthalmologists in the city of Hiroshima. We hope to create a system where residents in the target area receive an ophthalmologic consultation service from the local clinics.
By creating this system, we believe that ophthalmologic services will be more accessible and with reduced time and cost associated.
Using this project as a starting point, we aim to build a model which can be applied nationwide.

What is Hiroshima Sandbox’s “D-EGGS PROJECT”?

Hiroshima Sandbox which operates mainly in Hiroshima prefecture uses AI/IoT, big data, etc. to create a solution, and bring in talents and businesses from outside of Hiroshima in hopes to implement a platform where people can work together by implementing a demo project for solving industrial and local problems.

Hiroshima Sandbox started a new project “D-EGGS PROJECT” as a next step. They have called for ideas (products, apps and services, etc.) to re-define a new normal in the COVID-19 world. It is an acceleration program for selected ideas (max of 30) to provide a funding of 13 million yen max per project towards building prototypes for businesses in and outside of the prefecture to work together and their work within the prefecture. On top of it, for businesses coming from outside of the prefecture, a max of 10 million yen will be provided for their stay during the project.

There were 391 ideas sent in, and 100 of them passed the first round. With the public voices in consideration (The number of likes on the videos describing the ideas. 8,046 likes in total), those 100 ideas were narrowed down to 30. Selected ideas will be implemented as a demo within the prefecture and the result will be presented at the end of the project.

Official website for D-EGGS PROJECT

Tentative schedule
  • Demo period / End of April~Mid October, 2021
  • Result presentation / End of October, 2021

MITAS Medical Inc.

Collaboration with TAKAGI SEIKO CO. and “to provide medical services where it cannot be reached” (mission of MITAS Medical Inc., we have created a device (MS1) which can be attached to a smartphone for anyone to take quality photos of eyes. These devices are now on market for 80 countries in the world.

Also, with the designated app we developed for “MS1”, non-specialist can diagnose patients by consulting remotely with an ophthalmologist by sharing patient information and photos of their eyes.

This service provides doctor to doctor examination support for an early detection of eye diseases which leads to proper treatment and prevention of the diseases.

Company info.

Company name: MITAS Medical Inc.
CEO: Dr. Naofumi Kita
Founded: April, 2017
Location: 8F AOYAMA TOWER PLACE 8-4-14, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0052, Japan

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