To provide medical services where it cannot be reached

We are targeting rural areas/remote islands/emerging countries around the world where access to ophthalmologist is limited and provide services for prevention and early detection of eye diseases. We aim to decrease the number of people who end up in a world without a light.

Services we provide

Tele-medicine that connects ophthalmologists and people who need ophthalmic care.

We have developed a mobile device called "MS1" that allows even non-ophthalmologists to easily take eye images or videos with high quality that is normally required for regular eye examinations. The eye images and videos taken with this device will be sent to ophthalmologists via the dedicated application (Thorrel) along with medical interview data, and then will be used for consultation.

STEP 1: Input necessary information into the app

After inputting patient's personal and interviewed information into the app, clinician can take pictures of patient's eyes via "MS1" mounted on a smartphone. Pictures are sent to ophthalmologists once they are taken through the app.

STEP 2: Consult with ophthalmologist

Ophthalmologist provides advice using the information and pictures sent.

STEP 3: Verify the advice from ophthalmologist

Clinician can immediately check the advice from the ophthalmologist in the app and respond to the patient.

To operate slit lamp microscope found in ophthalmology clinics (a device which patient put their chin on the platform for ophthalmologist to assess patient's eyes in real time), one must go through at least one year of training. However, what makes MITAS Medical "MS1" special is how it enables clinicians without any ophthalmic knowledge to operate the device and produce quality pictures with little training. I strongly believe that "MS1" along with the app can target households in rural areas/remote islands where ophthalmologists could not reach by themselves.
Makoto Aihara (The Department of Ophthalmology, the University of Tokyo)
Makoto Aihara (The Department of Ophthalmology, the University of Tokyo)
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Message from CEO

CEO Naofumi Kita

There was an incident that made a big impact on founding MITAS Medical. It was about 10 years ago, when I was working at a clinic in Hokkaido. A grandma visited the clinic one day in the winter. Her neighbor brought her in because she had been withholding from visiting clinics even though she was experiencing pain in her eyes for the past 3 days. By the time she visited, she had already lost her sights due to an acute glaucoma attack*.

I have asked her later why she had not visited the clinic and was withholding at home. She told me that she has visited the local clinic on the first day she experienced pain at a village in a mountain where she lived. Doctor at the clinic diagnosed to the best of their ability without proper equipment and sent her home telling her to visit ophthalmology clinic if the pain persists. She withheld the pain since then.

This incident made us realize that there are people ophthalmologists cannot reach resulting in losing eyesights and made us think if there are ways to create system to connect ophthalmologists and general doctors.

After few years passed, we have came up with the solution.

Trials in Mongolia diagnosed patient with acute glaucoma attack in rural areas far from the ophthalmology clinic by this system, then received an appropriate treatment to avoid losing eyesights. Cost and time spent on reaching ophthalmic service found to be noticeably less as well.

There are still a lot of areas in the world without ophthalmologists. Even within cities, areas where ophthalmologists are difficult to reach.

Our system contributes not only to reduction of cost associated with receiving ophthalmology services, early detection/treatment/prevention of eye diseases.

By creating a world where people can consult with ophthalmologists easily from anywhere, we are hoping to decrease the number of people losing eyesights and those suffering from eye diseases.

(*acute glaucoma attack: One of the eye diseases which if left untreated, can result in losing eyesights)

【Personal bio】
Graduated from Kochi Medical School
Tomishiro Central Hospital(Residency)
The Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Tokyo, the University of Tokyo Hospital.
Eguchi Ophthalmology Hospital
Obtained Ophthalmology Certificate
JCHO Tokyo Shinjuku Medical Center Ophthalmology Department Head Physician
University of Tokyo Hospital Outpatient Department
Founded MITAS Medical Inc. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Company Information

Company NameMITAS Medical Inc.
CEO Naofumi Kita
Founded April, 2017
Assets 100 Million Yen (Legal capital surplus included)
Location 8F AOYAMA TOWER PLACE 8-4-14, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0052, Japan
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Phone 03-6822-3227
Media appearance
  • Shinano Mainichi Shimbun (Feb 2020)
  • Nihon Keizai Shimbun (Feb 2020)
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