MITAS Medical Inc. has started a tele-checkup project in Mongolia. (First of its kind in Mongolia)

MITAS Medical Inc. has started a tele-checkup project in Mongolia. (First of its kind in Mongolia)

MITAS Medical Inc. (located in Minato-Ku, Tokyo. CEO: Naofumi Kita) specialized in tele-examination services has been working actively in western prefecture of Mongolia since 2019. In April 2021, a new tele-checkup project will be launched targeting over ten thousand residents. This is a first-ever tele-examination project on ophthalmologic service in Mongolia.

About the project

Mongolia has been facing the shortage of ophthalmologists for a long time. There are regions where only 1~3 ophthalmologists are working within an area equal to Hokkaido. This is a serious problem for residents who live in other than the capital city of Ulaanbaatar.

So far in Mongolia, MITAS has implemented a mobile tele-examination device (MS1) and designated app in all of the clinics within the western prefecture, mainly targeting patients with symptoms of eye diseases. The new project targets residents who are in the high risk age range and focuses on prevention activities such as public awareness and tele-checkup.

We intend to collaborate with Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences, the Ministry of Public Health, and local clinicians to implement this project.

MITAS’ action plan

Collaboration with TAKAGI SEIKO CO. and “to provide medical services where it cannot be reached” (mission of MITAS Medical Inc., we have created a device (MS1) which can be attached to a smartphone for anyone to take quality photos of eyes. These devices are now on market for 80 countries in the world.

Also, with the designated app we developed for “MS1”, non-specialist can diagnose patients by consulting remotely with an ophthalmologist by sharing patient information and photos of their eyes. This service provides doctor to doctor examination support for an early detection of eye diseases which leads to proper treatment and prevention of the diseases.


We have been active in some of the developing countries with problems in ophthalmologic services.

In Mongolia, we have implemented a tele-examination system by delivering “MS1” along with the designated app to all clinics in a western prefecture from October 2019 in collaboration with Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences and the Ministry of Public Health. As a result, more than 100 cases per month have been diagnosed and prevented vision loss due to glaucoma attack in some cases. These results made us realize the impact this service brought to the society and the medical services in the region.. Not only we contributed to the public health in Mongolia, but also a growing opportunity for the company. We have built up a know-how on operating tele-medicine services and gathered data which may be used to develop AI examinations possible in the future.

In Cambodia, our tele-examination project has been in place at a foreign-owned general hospital located in Phnom Penh since January 2020. Moreover, being a recipient of “JICA’s SDGs Business Supporting Surveys” in the 2020 first round increased our motivation to grow more.

We also have started projects in Japan while COVID-19 outbreak has brought more attention to non-contact examination and led to a change in restriction on tele-examination.

Company info.

Company name: MITAS Medical Inc.
CEO: Dr. Naofumi Kita
Founded: April, 2017
Location: 8F AOYAMA TOWER PLACE 8-4-14, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0052, Japan

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