"MS1" device on "News Morning Satellite" by TV Tokyo

“MS1” device which was developed jointly with Takagi Seiko Corporation has been picked up by TV Tokyo’s news show “News Morning Satelite”

This media exposure brought many responses within Japan, but unexpected reaction from Mongolia was surprising. Mongolia is one of the countries where our “MS1” devices have already been implemented.

(Read the article on our activities in Mongolia here;

We have provided a photo where non-ophthalmologist use a MS1 device on patients in Mongolia to the news TV show. This photo was used in the show, and a post on Mongolia about this on MITAS Medical Inc. in Mongolia has received more than 100 share!

We also received many comments from people in Mongolia. One of the comments brought us to tears;

We appreciate providing a MS1 device which targets variety of needs which people in rural area have. They came all the way to Mongolia multiple times in the freezing winter and taught us how to use the device. Many people have received ophthalmologic diagnosis as a result of it. Continuous use of the device by clinicians in rural areas and more people accessing the services would be the same as providing ophthalmologic services in the village. Best of luck.

There are a lot more barriers to overcome until we reach our goal. However, knowing someone who experiences a world a step closer to our goal made us realize the effect our projects have and was a good opportunity for us to strive towards our goal.

We promise to create a better service to keep moving forward.