We've completed the "D-EGGS PROJECT" in Hiroshima

We've completed the

Hiroshima Sandbox’ “D-EGGS PROJECT” started in April, 2021 held a achievement ceremony on November 21st and 22nd to mark the completion of the project.

MITAS Medical Inc. has been selected as one of the organizations for the project, and worked in various fields; connecting medical clinics with ophthalmologists, brushing up our system to better meet the local needs, and surveying local residents, etc. (Check the interview of our CEO Dr. Kita from the link below for detail.)

The project wouldn’t have ran the way it did without the help of prefectoral office, Samurai Incubate, local medical clinic, and reisdents who participated. We want to take this time to express our sincere appreciation for their support.

You can check the achievement ceremony from the link below;
MITAS Medical will appear from 1:43:41.

You can also read the detail of the project from the article below;

MITAS Medical Inc. aims to continue and expand our services within Hiroshima.

We appreciate your continued support!