Appointment of new advisor

MITAS Medical Inc. which provides ophthalmic tele-examination services (located in Minato-ku, Tokyo. CEO Naofumi Kita) has welcomed Minoru Kuriyama as a new advisor as of October 1, 2020.
We look forward to having Mr. Kuriyama on the team and aim to accelerate further.
Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

Mr. Minoru Kuriyama

Data Scientist, Strategist, Entrepreneur and Educator.

Specialized in a field of “data science x management/business strategy” such as design and development of management/business strategy via statistical analysis of big data, data-driven corporate strategy, and algorithm for an implementation of data technology. He acts as a co-founder, board member, and/or manager of data science to develop innovative strategies and algorithm at several start-up companies such as IT, HR, health-care, and logistics, etc. He also teaches at graduate school in business management such as business leader development methodologies, etc.

Career: President and CEO at Antecanis Inc. (Mr. Kuriyama’s private office); Visiting Professor at Tama University Graduate school of Business, Visiting Associate Professor at Globis University Graduate School of Management, Board member at VISTIS Technologies Inc. (Innovation Tech), Board member at Grooves Inc. (HR), CAO/Analytic chief at Cykinso Inc. (Health check service), Co-founder at souco Inc. (Logistics platform).

B.S. in Physics and M.S. in theoretical physics (Particle physics).
Prior to his current positions listed above, he worked at McKinsey & Company before becoming independent.

Comment from Mr. Kuriyama

More opportunities for ophthalmic examination without going to ophthalmology clinics will result in early detection of illness before it worsens or before symptoms gets serious, etc. It will contribute to solving social problems by increasing individual QOL and productivity, and also by suppressing the cost of the social security system. Contribution to medical research focusing on the use of real world data is possible by accumulating data of healthy individuals and chronological data. I believe that not only to the field medical research, but this results can also contribute to the boost in research on what data can do by developing AI examination algorithm.

I look forward to supporting the MITAS Medical Inc, hoping that creating equipment smaller will create a huge impact to change the world, just like when genome research got big in 1990s when they started making the equipment smaller.